A struggling musician desires immortality so he spends his life trying to write the perfect song. A ghost appears and promises to help him.


We are making a rock and roll ghost movie with my friends in (the Privates, Neatbeats, and 50 Kaitenz – as well as a few other bands). But we can’t do it alone. We need you to help us.


The 2020 Olympics are coming to Tokyo. Between now and 2020 the eyes of the entire world will be upon Japan. This is our big chance to create the biggest Japanese Rock and Roll boom the world has ever seen.


The entire world is already in love with Japanese culture and anime. Now we have a chance to show them just how much we can rock and roll. We can make the world sit up and notice Japan and our music. We can do this together, you and me. Us!


Together we can create a cinema and rock and roll revival in Japan. A legacy that will last decades.


The movie is about a struggling rock musician who dreams of success. He meets a ghost who will help him to write the perfect song. But the ghost wants a trade. Of course, what is the price of fame and immortality?


Please join together with us in our movie and crowd funding campaign. We want to work together with you as a team making our own destiny and our own Rock and Roll Dream. Together, you and I, we can become immortal with this movie project.


This is a once in a lifetime chance. We can do this together!